The entry fee is $150 per team. Teams can consist of three or four players (games are three-on-three, but each team can have a sub). Payment and registration are due by July 15 at noon Central Time. By registering for the tournament, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. 
This year, to make things even more competitive for serious players and even more hopeful for the rest of us, the Mike Madness tournament will feature two divisions: "Elite" and "Regular Human." 
High-level ballers don't want to risk injury against 60-year-olds or middle-schoolers, just as regular, gainfully employed non-giants want a real shot at winning. Here are some guidelines to help determine which division your team should enter:
If a player on your team has *played college or professional ball, you're Elite.
Last year's winning team featured mainly recent college players.
*If your college or pro playing days were thirty years ago, use your best judgment. 
If a player on your team is taller than 6-foot-7, you're Elite.
If you were The Man (or Woman) in High School, but haven't played since you had kids and/or got a real job, you're Regular Human. The same will be true for the majority of people employed in non-athletic occupations.  
If you play basketball multiple times per week where you really can hang with current or recent college players, or if you are/were a current/recent high-school star, use your best judgment. Consider the potential bragging rights of winning the Elite Division. Also consider that last year, we had one team whose average (combined?) vertical was roughly the height of the screen where you're reading this.   
Mike Madness reserves the right to reassign teams to different divisions. Please remember, many of us are journalists, and basketball careers are easy to trace.  

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    Elite Division Team$150.00
    Sign up a team for the elite division. This division will contain elite players, including former college basketball players and others. Steeper competition.
    When:07/20/2019 9 a.m.
    Where:UAB Recreation Center
    Number of Tickets:
    Late Recreational Division team$250.00
    Sign up a team for the recreational division. These are your average Joes, weekend warrior types who are below 6'7 and haven't played in college.
    When:07/20/2019 9 a.m.
    Where:UAB Recreation Center
    Number of Tickets:
    Late 3-point contest$30.00
    Sign up to take part in the first annual Mike Madness 3-point contest during the tournament. Winner gets a prize.
    Where:UAB Recreation Center
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